Terry Cunningham, VP Education

Cristine has been instrumental in shaping our educational strategy, from guiding selection of a Learning Management System to developing a blended learning strategy for our designation program.

Vice President of Training

Her contributions were priceless. I will NOT go through another LMS selection process without her.

Renee Rogers, Vice President, Leadership & OD

Cristine has a wealth of up-to-date information about Learning Management Systems and the complex cross-departmental processes required to implement an effective global solution. In her work with us, she was a wonderful facilitator who asked insightful questions and offered clear, pragmatic counsel in helping us analyze our requirements for a global Learning Management System. She expertly coordinated our vendor selection process and managed the interface between our company and the vendors very professionally. I highly recommend her to any company needing expertise in this field.

Nancy Covell, Ph.D., Associate Director Implementation Support Systems

Cristine was with us from start to finish in selecting a custom courseware developer. She collaborated closely with us to understand our business needs.

David Entsminger, Commercial & Business Banking Academy Manager: The Huntington National Bank

Cristine is professional, attentive and most important effective. She has the ability to sift through an enormous amount of information and cut to the root of the matter. She takes the time to understand our business and its needs while always adapting well to the various personalities on our team. Cristine has been a huge asset for us.

Paul Margolies, Ph.D., Associate Director Practice Innovation and Implementation

We’ve been so happy with the contributions that you have made this year... from the big picture strategic planning to the very detailed module development, your guidance has made such a difference.

Mary Burke, Associate Director of Educational Services Land Trust Alliance

Thank you so much for a thoughtful and thorough report. We believe your assessment and suggestions are appropriate and spot on. Your suggestions will help us to provide better services to our member land trusts, which will result in many more acres of land conserved for future generations.

Christy Pretzinger, CEO, WriterGirl & Associates

Christine is not only easy to work with, she's a pleasure. We've worked together countless times, and I never hear a negative word from her, no matter the situation. She consistently delivers her expert work on time and frequently under budget. She's a consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable without a trace of arrogance. I always look forward to being able to bring Christine in on a project.

Jennifer Jesse, Graphic & Interactive Design Consultant

Christine is a talented instructional designer who is highly organized, professional, and knowledgeable. She is very methodical in working with clients and managing projects as she provides excellent communication and follow-through. She is one of the few instructional designers that I have worked with who actually "gets" eLearning and brainstorms ways to come up with engaging learning interactivities, rather than just coming up with text on a screen for users to read. I would highly recommend working with Christine for instructional design projects for classroom-based training and eLearning.