With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and skills to partner with your organization on:

Curriculum and course design and development, competency models, blended learning strategy, certification paths, learning governance, and technology platforms including Learning Management Systems (LMS), Integrated Talent Management Systems (ITMS), Content Management Systems (CMS), virtual learning systems, and authoring tools.

As recognized industry analysts, our team has the expertise to develop three-year strategic plans for learning ecosystems which address:

  • People: Organizational culture; workforce demographics; knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for job performance
  • Process: How, when, and where people access content; how to support learning in daily workflow
  • Content: Architecture of information; how learning is organized, packaged, stored, accessed, delivered
  • Technology: Mechanics of learning management; Learning Management System (LMS), Integrated Talent Management System (ITMS), Content Management System (CMS), and authoring tools

Our strategic planning projects are organized around the phases outlined below, and culminate in a customized actionable plan that addresses specific outcomes for your organization in a practical, phased approach.


Analyze Needs

  1. Kickoff
  2. Identify vision and goals
  3. Conduct stakeholder focus groups/interviews
  4. Review materials
  5. Audit technology

Establish program objectives to determine a viable solution. Collect quantitative and qualitative data from all available sources. Analyze organizational needs through meetings, interviews and research.


Establish Current State

  1. Establish current state
  2. Recognize challenges and constraints
  3. Identify gaps and opportunities

Identify current state of content design processes, strategies, technology framework, and resource requirements, including staff and budget


Develop Future State Strategy

  1. Envision future state
  2. Evaluate optimal solutions
  3. Identify resource requirements
  4. Develop phased approach

Develop recommendations in a mapped, phased approach for process, content, technology and staff preparedness.